Saturday, March 7, 2009

J. Rocc reviews DOOM's 'BORN LIKE THIS.' (Track-by-track)

Not too in-depth, but J. Rocc posted a track-by-track "review" of 'BORN LIKE THIS.' up on his Twitter. Thought some may be interested, so here it is...

Just got DOOM's new album. Bout to give it a listen....from the man himself....thanks DOOM. (I know he'll get this...the power of twitter)

Alright. Disc of DOOM is being burned. Bout to drive to the homies crib and listen on the way...I need to hit the corner tho.

DOOM you are the man. He even sent em as Wav files. I must be his friend or something.

This DOOM album is bangin. Track by Track for those that care coming soon.....J.Rocc's (honest) record review. "No more music by the suckas"

Ok. So....there's a intro that has a cat talking bout the Villian.

Gazzilion Ear- Bangin. This is the track that I played that's on YouTube. Production-Dilla. I biased on this one tho.

Ballskin- we've all heard this one.

Yessir - Rae is killing it. Taking it back.

Absolutely - Madlib on the beat. For soon reason I think the beat is on Dil Cosby/Dil Withers. DOOM is a madman with the verse.

Rap Ambush - is this track you Jake? Another DOOM verse that's on point. J likes.

Lightworks - another exclusive awhile ago on the YouTube. Dilla beat. Different raps from the one I had. Doom is crazy folks.

Batty Boys - HO. LE . SH. IT. I need the chronicals for this one. Where does he get all this talking. I gotta replay this one.

Angelz - Tony Starks. Had this one since the SXSW ST show. This is a different mix.

Ok. They both rappin some Charlie's Angels / Three's Company stuff.

Cellz - alright. I see why the name of the album is "Born Like This". Damn. If I could only go somewhere and play this. Ok. No filler.. "Don't know what he be sayin but the words are funny"

Still Dope - Who's this girl rappin. She's kinda dope. She's can hang with the DOOM beat changes..... Ok. She's dope.

Microwave Mayo - ok...this ones is wack...........SYKE!! Maybe I just miss this type of stuff but I'am not mad at all at this album.

More Rhymin - Jake is this you again? I gotta turn this one up.

He hasn't lost it. At all. This cat is too dope.

That's That - this fool is buggin on this verse. Even a shout out to the La Brea Tar Pits.

Supervillianz- is this auto tune? DOOM definitly made this beat..

Bumpy's Message - no need to explain. Just read the title.

Thank Yah - DOOM beat again...he's not sampling gospel is he? Madlib style right here.

Gotta say. This is a good album. 17 tracks and all of em were dope. I'm not just saying that. Dilla, Madlib, Jake Uno on the beats. You can't go wrong. No half ass raps. He actually killin it on every verse. Even the guest were on point. The girls tracks tho!!!

I'm officially gonna learn the lyrics. Hahahahaha

I have to listen to the auto-tune track again

He's clowin.

- Subroc, The Hip Hop Hendrix