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DOOM interview with URB Magazine

URB magazine hooked up with DOOM for a great & lengthy interview recently; here it is:

Rare DOOM Interview

Posted Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 08:27 in Music by David Ma

Know Mr. Dumile: DOOM explains BORN LIKE THIS, talks own history, and draws line between himself and villainous characters

By David Ma

Daniel Dumile’s gift is the ability to be totally engrossed in and devoted to whatever his DOOM character does. He doesn’t seem concerned with what fans or critics say about him or his work and has done so for two-decades. This is how he’s held his place while teetering between mainstream success and inde-rap stardom. His latest, BORN LIKE THIS, reflects more of the same, as he is one of the few who can mesh rap veterans (Raekwon and Ghostface) with indie-powerhouses (Slug of Atmosphere) naturally, without seeming gimmicky or dependent on guest spots. Production-wise, Dilla, Madlib, and Jake One have a song each while DOOM manned the rest. BORN LIKE THIS is DOOM at his most strange, most gruff-sounding, weird, and somewhat most confessional.

As a rapper, as an interview subject, DOOM has been notoriously elusive, often silent when time comes to promote his latest project. Say what you want about his antics or music, DOOM is, and has been, completely uncompromising as an artist. As one of rap’s most consistent emcee/producers ever, as unapproachable as DOOM may seem, the person behind the persona is anything but. He begins our long-scheduled interview with: “Sorry it took this long to actually do this man. I wasn’t trying to discriminate! How are you doing today? What’s your name dude?” Hardly a mean guy, definitely a normal dude and a unique figure, Dumile graciously answered my questions about BORN LIKE THIS and all things DOOM, all the stuff about the mind behind rap’s longstanding supervillain.

Can we start with the mask? What are the reasons behind it?
It’s really just another character. Zev Love X was a character too, most people think that’s me but he wasn’t. They’ve all been characters. The DOOM thing is to be able to come at things with a different point of view. I decided the mask would just add to the mystique of the character as well as make DOOM stand out. I though it’d be an easy way for people to see and differentiate between characters, sorta like when an actor gains weight for a role. Throwing on the mask was just a good way to switch it up. King Geedorah and Vik are characters too for example.

So Zev Love wasn’t just a moniker but was also a character?
Yeah. Just ‘cause he didn’t wear a mask doesn’t mean the stuff I said was all comin’ from me. DOOM is actually more like an older, super-villain version of Zev in a mask.

Where did you find the actual mask? Do you have it specially made?
You know the movie Gladiator? Well around that time, they started selling these “gladiator masks” that were replicas from the movie. So what it was is that a friend of mine told me he saw this mask that would be perfect for the DOOM character. I trusted him, even though it was kinda expensive [laughs].

So he went and bought the mask, which was this collector’s item thing that came on a wooden stand and all that. It was a total replica that came on a stick with a stand for displaying and shit. There was this top piece on it too that my friend just tore off [laughs]. He took off the stick and everything else and just kept the faceplate. You know how construction hats have a plastic thing on the inside that you can tighten? Well, he just took one of those and fastened it to the mask. So he rigged it up for me. Since then, I chromed it out, added a ruby to it too. That’s how the mask came about.

Click here to head over to URB and read the rest of the interview!

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"BORN LIKE THIS." finally released on wax!

We brought you news about the packaging quite some time ago, and stores originally had an April 7 release date for the vinyl of DOOM's "BORN LIKE THIS.", but nothing came of it.

Lex Records finally states that the release is ready and should be popping up in stores this week:

Finally... deluxe DOOM album Born Like This. vinyl 2xLP out this week worldwide! cat# LEX069LP
I've yet to see it anywhere (in-store or online), but I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Kurios' new album "II" pushed back to June 30

Amalgam Digital has once again pushed back Kurious' new release "II". The album is now set to release on June 30, here's the official press release:

April 28, 2009 - Golden age fans of hip-hop will remember full page split advertisements in The Source Magazine for what was at the time two of Columbia's most promising hip-hop artists' debut albums. One half of the advertisement was Nas "Illmatic" and the other was for Kurious Jorge "A Constipated Monkey". Well now, everyone's favorite "Constipated Monkey" is back with a brand new album for 2009! Kurious Jorge and Amalgam Digital are proud to present "II", Kurious' first studio album in over 14 years, which will be released on June 30, 2009.

Hailing from 'Uptown' New York, Kurious is best known for his early-to-mid 1990's hits such as "Walk Like A Duck", "Uptown Sh*t", "I'm Kurious" and "A Mansion & A Yacht". His debut album, "A Constipated Monkey", was released in 1994 to critical acclaim. His association with Bobbito, Pete Nice (3rd Bass) and MF Doom (KMD) further cemented his folklore in underground circles worldwide

After a lengthy hiatus, Kurious signed to the Amalgam Digital label in 2007. Amalgam re-released the classic "A Constipated Monkey" album later that year which included never-heard-before bonus demo tracks from the early 90s. Kurious' new offering "II" features guest appearances from the likes of another Amalgam Digital signed artist, Max B, and reunites both MC Serch with Mf Doom for "Benneton" as well as regrouping with original posse members The Beatnuts who return a favor to the man who laced their chorus with the vocals "When I pop the trunk…hit the deck".

Stellar production is handled by heavywights in the beat game: Dame Grease, 88-Keys, Hi-Tek, V.I.C., Domingo and Yogi. Songs such as "Animals & Horses", "Work It", and "From Up Under" prove that Kurious' lyrical skills and wit are still sharp as ever while the classic "Sittin' In My Car" pays homage to the original version by Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh.

The album "II" will be available on CD and digital format on June 30th 2009 with an additional bonus song when purchased on
Kurious "II" (Amalgam Digital) Tracklisting
01. Intro
02. Take What Is Given
03. Back With VIC
04. Work It
05. Sittin' In My Car
06. Drinks In The Air featuring: Vanessa Liftwig
07. Animals and Horses featuring Kadi Amin
08. Benetton featuring: MC Serch, MF Doom
09. Rain On Me featuring: Co Campbell
10. Wake Up featuring: Vanessa Liftwig
11. Smiling
12. Brand New Day featuring: Dave Dar (Bamboo Brothers)
13. Mysterious featuring: Rell
14. New Heights
15. Back From Up Under featuring Max B
16. Is This the End
17. Prosperous featuring Co Campbell
18. BONUS: The Magician featuring Del The Funky Homosaphien

Check out the lead single video "Back From Up Under" ft. Max B Here:

Also check out the promo video of Kurious & The Beatnuts here:

Business #: 617.561.0924

Phone:(877) 469.2352 – Fax:(877) 469.2352 –

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

VIDEO: Kurious - Benetton (Feat. MC Serch & DOOM)

Here's a new video from Kurious for his track "Benetton", which features MC Serch & DOOM.

The track is from Kurious' upcoming album "II". Originally scheduled for release at the end of March, the album was pushed back to May 5th (today), but I've yet to see it available anywhere.

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HipHopDX & Hip-Hop Connection Interviews

Sorry for the lack of updates last month. A combination of not too much DOOM news & myself being rather busy.

Here's a couple of great interviews from April which I never got around to posting. I'm sure most of you have already checked them out, but in case you missed them, here they are:

DOOM: Shadows On The Sun (HipHopDX Interview)

The Rap Gazzillionaire! (Hip-Hop Connection Interview)

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