Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Album Review: 'Unexpected Guests'

With the hard copy release being a week away, I figured I'd post my impressions of DOOM's 'Unexpected Guests' album.

Upon initially reading the official press release & track list a couple months back, I wasn't overly excited for this compilation. Actually, the first thing that popped into my mind was "cash grab". The retail version of the album leaked at the beginning of last week, and I've been listening to it pretty steadily since then.

I can't front... I'm really feelin' this release. The track selection is pretty impressive when you're listening to the album, and has a ton of joints that you've probably forgotten about or haven't heard that bang. Tracks like "Fly That Knot", "Sorcerers", "Quite Buttery" & "Project Jazz"; some dope DOOM shit that is mostly forgotten.

Another refreshing track on the album is the original version of "Angels" from 2006. I'm not sure about any of you, but I'd become accustomed to the version on 'BORN LIKE THIS.' since it was released. I still prefer the OG, sounds so much smoother than the BLT version.

The album also features a handful of recently release DOOM collabos since the villain made his return last year. "Sniper Elite", "Fire Wood Drumstykx", "The Unexpected" & "Black Gold", which I'm sure everybody on here has recently listened to, and would say are good selections to include on a DOOM collabo compilation.

The mixing may be what impressed me the most. Track to track transitions are flawless... I probably shouldn't have been expecting anything less, though. I can't stand when mix albums are mixed shitty; makes them unlistenable.

The only real whack shit on the album is the live version of "I Hear Voices". The press release said it was an unheard live version of "I Hear Voices"; it's taken from the 'Live from Planet X' recording. But here's where it gets really whack: even though it's the version from 'Live from Planet X', they decided to lift the track from that illroots.com "DOOMED" mixtape released in '08... and with about 10 seconds remaining in the track you hear a DJ Drop "ill roots dot com". How's that shit happen?

Overall, I really like this release, even though I'd been planning on skipping it. The only disappointment was at the end of the album, which I wrote about above. I'll be copping a hard copy when it's released next week, and the digital version was released on iTunes today (link on the right side), which includes a tracked version as well as a single track 49 minute mix version.

Official Website: DOOM - Unexpected Guests

- Subroc, The Hip Hop Hendrix